"les garçons bleus" ("the blue boys") is a project created by Francisco Bianchi where he draws boys on paper, with the richness and plurality of their morphology, while drawing with a Bic pen. Since January 2016, Instagram account @lesgarconsbleus is updated with drawings and illustrations.

"I always wanted to see the blue boys in animation, that's why I did a test called 'François', some months ago:"
The short film "Les Garçons Bleus" will be an animation film using the rotoscopy technique (Rotoscoping is an animation technique used by animators to trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, when realistic action is required), where the boys will be drawn in movement, with an original soundtrack and a voice over text.
Francisco Bianchi "The beauty of the human body is that it can tell stories, through their movements, gestures and positions. The story of a person can be enrolled in his/her curves.  The male body has a strength and a raw sensuality that inspire me. The draw gives me the power to touch them, to feel their bodies, their muscles, their skins. While their traces are formed in front of me, on paper, I feel like you could have them or even make them love.  Obsessed with the color blue and above all influenced by Yves Klein, I started drawing with a Bic pen, taking the details of their bodies, their shadows, the effects of light on their hair and every imperfection.  That's what happens with those who, through my hands, become blue boys."